Ipsum that makes sense

Are you tired of Lorem Ipsum like us? We like to put some context with our designs. We actually use Wikipedia daily for our body copy whilst our copywriters are working their magic. If your client is going to read the body copy, why not make it interesting. Shoot you actually might learn something you didn’t know.

It’s just random fun, go ahead hit 'generate' and learn.

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Wikipsum is the brainchild of a few dudes from Scotch&Water, an interactive brand experience agency focused on designing and developing engaging brand experiences.

Chris Robertson — Visual Design & Branding
Brandon Bone — Front–End Development
Evan Johnston — Back–End Development

Gone are the days of placeholder text of old. The brainchild of Chris Robertson, Wikipsum was created with the intent to break the bonds of traditional latin based placeholder text and foster creativity rooted in encyclopedic fortuity. With the help of Wikipedia's API on the back-end and Andy Taylor's responsive CSS Grid on the front-end, Wikipsum provides users with rich, random and educational content. Take it for a spin. Share it with your friends. And most importantly, send us some of your favorite excepts using any one of the social media links found at the bottom of the page. We hope you enjoy!